The Spirit Center will provide a safe, quite setting with beautiful facilities for men, women and youth to stay for a few hours, a day or a few nights. The Spirit Center is the perfect setting for your next event. It has a large activity center that also has a fully equipped kitchen, and has a large dorm that houses up to 96 people. Bring your group to the Spirit Center, nestled in picturesque Bluntzer, Texas and disconnect from the distractions of the world and reconnect with God.

Why are retreats important?

A spiritual retreat is an integral part of the Christian community. A retreat is an ideal way to get closer to God. It can help a person to rediscover his/her faith. Group church retreats can bring the faithful together, helping them bond with each other, and with the Church. Retreats often include several group activities to bring everyone together. The Spirit Center is special because it allows participants to connect with nature in appreciation and enjoyment of God's many gifts. Connecting with nature brings about an environmental consciousness and appreciation of everyday things.

A retreat center gives you an avenue to have someone remind you that you bring things to the table. That God made you for his purpose.
— Ed Schetzsle


  • Activity Center - A multipurpose space for meetings, presentations, group activities and meals.

  • Bob’s Kitchen - A place for preparing your own food, bring in prepared food, or catered meals.

  • Dormitory Building - A sleeping facility for up to 96 guests. Bedding (pillow, sheets, and blankets), towels, shampoo and soap for showers must be provided by attendees.

  • Covered Pavilion - A facility for extra eating space, breakout sessions, assemblies, or recreational purposes.

  • Grounds - Nature trails, meditation areas, prayer groves, Rosary path, Stations of the Cross, a labyrinth, star gazing and campfire arena, and playing fields for outdoor games and sports.

We extend a formal invitation to the following groups who may be seeking a home for their parish programs to fulfill their want for spiritual growth: 

  • Marriage & Engaged Encounters  

  • Walk to Emmaus 

  • Journey to Damascus 

  • ACTS Retreats 

  • Search Retreats 

  • First Communion Retreats 

  • Confirmation Retreats 

  • Silent Retreats 

  • Youth Retreats 



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